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no_tomorrow's Journal

Mad World
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This is no_tomorrow, the community for Mad World, formerly known as Rise/Fall, and better known as apoca!fic.

Your friendly neighborhood mods/maintainers/writers/braintwins/TPTB are Mary (stillxmyxheart) and Lindsay (rowofstars).


In December of 2012, several million people committed suicide, believing the prophesied end of the world was upon them. Of course, the world didn't end but the damage had been done. Unable to cope with the immense loss of life, cities across the world broke down. The denegration and degradation of society eventually led to the formation of a new and very deadly virus, wiping out 90% of the world's remaining population, leaving the remaining citizens of Earth scattered all across the globe. Over the course of several years these remaining people joined together, eventually migrating to the continent of North America. A leader soon rose up amongst the disarticulated masses and managed, over the course of many more years, to restore some semblance of normalcy among the population. Upon his death in 2053, an election was held for a new leader but the decision to elect the former leader's son was almost unanimous and in 2054, a new president came into power. The year is now 2062 and a new scourge has fallen upon the population: for the past few years, no pregnant woman has been able to carry her child to term, and nearly half die during their pregnancy. The tone around the country is uneasy. What could possibly be affecting these women and more importantly, can it be stopped?


What you will see here: fiction, graphics, fanmixes (will be f-locked, so you must join to see them), meta, and whatever else we choose to post.

You can also follow us on Tumblr for graphic updates.

If you have something to contribute, we're more than happy to accept it! If you would like posting access, please contact either Mary or Lindsay.


A quick rundown of who you will see featured here, and who plays these characters:
President Harrison St James - Colin Salmon
Vice President Sam Shipton - Alan Rickman
Chief of Staff Nathan Gates - Gary Oldman
Press Secretary April Newcastle - Billie Piper
Special Agent Simon Gates - David Tennant
Penny Mitchell - Lenora Crichlow
Evan Mitchell - Jensen Ackles
Special Agent Whitman Keller - Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Lily Santos - Summer Glau
Dr. Alexandra 'Alex' McKay - Melora Hardin
Emily Gates - Rachel McAdams

For character descriptions and to see some of the minor characters, check the casting picspam